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Overstuffed with Lady Bird Johnson

Overstuffed with Lady Bird Johnson

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. The agenda for today was to start at Easy Tiger, then off to Biderman’s Deli. Then take a quick break to let food settle, then off to Bufalina Due for pizza. Sounded like a good plan. In the spirit of German food with Easy Tiger, we look to Helmut von Moltke’s quote of “No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy!” And that couldn’t be truer for our day.

So, I asked Hollie to be ready to leave by 10:30am. We actually left 5 minutes early. As my confidence and ego inflates for such a good plan, we exit the house and my car throws a first wrench into my perfect plans. As we start driving the main display screen in my Tesla does not turn on. You may say, its just a screen and no big deal. well, in a Tesla this is what controls the AC and Heat. But we persist.

We arrive down near 6th street and realize there is a big event happening and 6th and many other nearby streets are closed. Not to worry, I loop almost around the entire city to find open streets and parking. With a short 7 block walk we arrive at Easy Tiger and head to the basement. Instantly I know I am home. Great atmosphere, wonderful selection of beer and incredible snack food menu. Just what I needed. The waiter recommended and we ordered a rare beer called “Firestone Walker Bravo“. It’s a Brown ale at 13.2% alcohol. Great way start start our day at 11:15am. We also ordered the “Snack Board” which had large soft pretzels, Beer Cheese, three mustard’s, home made smoked jerky and home made Chex Mix. This place was amazing. Great wait staff, great atmosphere. I wanted to just stay there and relax. Couldn’t do that, I had an agenda.

Start to our day
Easy Tiger on 6th
Snack Board at Easy Tiger
Firestoine Walker Bravo
Beer Menu


Easy Tiger Basement

Next, we drove to Biderman’s Deli. I have been wanting a traditional New York style Jewish deli for a while. Back in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a restaurant called Max’s that have great large deli sandwiches. I have been craving them since I moved here to Austin 7 years ago. So, back to the story. We arrived at Biderman’s, ordered the “Far West Club” and Hollie ordered the “House Rueben”. These sandwich’s are huge. So another wrench in my plan, I ate half the sandwich. oh boy! After Easy Tiger and half the sandwich I was full. Then after being full, I ordered two Peanut Butted Cookies and we ate them.

Biderman’s Deli
At Biderman's Deli
Far West Club
At Biderman's Deli

We needed a break now. So, we drove to Lady Bird Wildflower Center and walked the property. We spent an hour walking and letting our food settle. Well, this was not enough time since Bufalina Due opens at 4pm and it was now 2:30pm. We decided to grab another beer since Biderman’s was alcohol free. Can’t get too dry on a Saturday. We drove to 77 Degrees on Rock Rose at the Domain. Had a few beers while sitting in the sun.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Perserve
77 Degrees
Beer at 77 Degrees

Next we drove to Bufalina Due on Burnett. Unfortunately we were still full. But don’t let your anatomy get in the was of a plan. We arrived and quickly went right to work with Beer and order food. Hollie ordered the Bibb Salad and cerignola olives & hot nuts. I order pizza, of course. I went with the pepperoni pizza which had tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, red onion, and scallion ranch. I thought the scallion ranch was a little weird how it was described, but was awesome on the pizza. We only ate about 1/4 of the food. we were done.

Pizza at Bufalina Due

For next time, need a better way to pace our selves. Lots of food to take home with us this time.

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