Things I need to eat before I die!

Fries and Rocks!

Fries and Rocks!

A great start to our Crawl.  Woke up with a craving for french fires.  Spent 45 minutes doing a little research and ushered Hollie out the door.  Arrived at Hopfields and ordered Fries and Salade Verte….and a few beers.  It was after 12 noon…I ordered the craved fries and Hollie enjoyed the salad.   A little too early in the morning for eating salad for me.

Hopfields Fires

We then moved on to Salvation Pizza and ordered a small Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Basil Pizza.  The waitress talked us into a full carafe of Mimosa.  Good choice!  I let Hollie take the Lion’s share of the Mimosas since I was the driver.

Salvation Pizza

Then to mix things up, we went to a gem show at the Palmer Event Center.  Lots of cool stones and Gems!

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