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Frank and Frosty!

Frank and Frosty!

My parents flew in from San Francisco to visit us for Christmas, so we decided to do a crawl right downtown in Austin to show them a few sites. A day before this crawl I looked at the weather for Austin…..It said that it will not get above 39 for the day…Ouch! We had intended to do a walking crawl to enjoy the city. But, we persevered! Our planned agenda was Frank Restaurant, then Swift’s Attic, off to Alamo Drafthouse for a movie then Holla Mode for ice cream.

We started off by going to Frank Restaurant on 4th and Colorado.

First stop…Frank Restaurant to try a hot dog and queso fries. We arrived at 11:15am and pretty hungry. We ordered two dogs, a large soft pretzel and queso fries. also can’t kick off a crawl without a good beverage.

The atmosphere was great. This place is in one of the original old buildings on Colorado Street. It’s always a good sign when everyone said they “would come back.” The pretzel and fries were a hit. And can’t go wrong with a beer at 11:30 in the morning. I am starting to worry I need AA.

Next we started walking to Swift’s Attic. But it was freaking cold. 37 degrees and windy. We opted for a detour and stopped at Cafe Medici on Congress which was a block away and veered away from alcohol for a minute. We each ordered a nice warm drink! Unfortunately they did not serve Hot Toddys.

After thawing for a few minutes, we bundled up and hiked the half block through blizzard conditions (really was just cold) and barely made it to Swift’s Attic. Once we arrived and walked up the stairs and realized it was not much warmer in the restaurant. Turns out they were having heating issues in the restaurant but had just fixed it and would just take some time to warm up. So we sat and kept our jackets on. And by the middle of the meal we were warm again. My dad and I ordered the “Bowling Alley Burger” with the “Fancy-Ass Special Sauce.”

OK very full now. Still struggling with pacing myself during these crawls!

Luckily we were headed to a movie at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. So I looked online an saw that the Movie “The Shape of water” got extremely good reviews. It got a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It looked a little weird on the preview, but if it has a 93%, then it’s probably good.

Well….This movie was weird…Very weird! I am note sure it was bad, but not sure it was good. But y’all should see it…Maybe drunk.

We left the movie and it’s still very cold out, so we got excited to go grab some freezing cold Thai Style Ice Cream. We decided to go to Holla Mode on Barton Springs Road. This is where they spread the ice cream on a cold surface and scrape it into neat little ribbons rolled up. This process is extremely labor intensive. I struggled to understand how they make money. The ice cream was good, but it took 20 minutes to make the 4 ice creams.

Overall a good day!

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