Chix and Temperance!

Chix and Temperance!

Today we expanded our crew for the day and set off on a coddiwomple. Hollie and I added her parents, Elena and Bill, as well as our daughter Emily.

We learned a bit from our last adventure and paced our selves better. We started the day at The Factory Cafe on Burnet. AKA Wild Chix & Waffles!

They are know for their chicken and waffles. Their menu is very unique so we tried a variety of items. Also a very cool atmosphere. We sat on the couch and hanging chairs.

Emily and I ordered “What The Cluck” which is a waffle filled with fried chicken, egg, bacon, American cheese & sriracha mayo.

What The Cluck

The chicken was amazing! Not sure I am a fan of the sriracha mayo on this, but overall great. Hollie ordered the “Soul Sista” which is a waffle with fried chicken and syrup. She thinks this was the best item on the menu.

Soul Sista

Bill ordered the “Hippie Chix” grilled chicken salad and Elena ordered The “Don’t Tell Mama”.

Don’t tell mama

Overall that is the best chicken I have tasted. We did try and find out what spices were in the chicken batter, but they were mum on it. Just said 13 spices and buttermilk. If you go here, make sure you visit the restroom. Very interesting wall innuendo.

Next we moved onto the The Bullock Texas State History Museum. We all needed to walk off some calories. We were all excited to see that they had an exhibit on “The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” as well as something called “Game On” which was the history of video games.

Texas History Museum

Once we entered the Prohibition exhibit, I realized we did not drink any alcohol during the first bite……Broke the first rule of food crawl. Must start off with a good drink….sigh! The exhibits were great but kept urging me to drink. Watching all of those old movies where people are dancing at the speakeasies. Time to move on.

Next we drove back to Burnet to hit Taco Flats.

My dad found Taco Flats. He was watching a Food Network show, “Burgers, Brew & ‘Que”, on his way to Austin two years ago and told us about it. Seemed like a good 2nd stop. We all ordered a beer….Not Emily….although she wanted a mimosa which i ordered (without champagne).

Beer at Taco Flats

Then we each ordered a taco, but I ordered 2….I ordered the Carne Asada and Pollo Asado tacos.

Carne Asada
Pollo Asado

The Carne Asada was good, but the Pollo Asado was amazing. They put a queso fresco in it with cabbage and grilled chicken. The flavors were incredible.

Emily of course ordered the the Waffle…. at the well known taco place….after eating waffles for breakfast….

Emily’s only comment was “Ya….I would definitely come back!”

we needed another break to make room so we walked a few doors down to ATown.

We shopped there for 30 minutes. Some really cool items there. If you are into weird socks, you must see their selection. Some cool signs…..A big shout out to the mother of my children.

We next headed to our final destination. Lick.

A great assortment of flavors.

I tried the Bacon but most daring prize goes to Hollie’s dad. He ordered the “Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint”.

We finished at around 3pm. As one would expect, no dinner for anyone!!

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