Things I need to eat before I die!

About Us


What is this about?

Austin has an incredible culture of great food in unknown restaurants.  There are hundreds of food trucks, dive restaurants and bars that serve interesting dishes.  My wife and I have not scratched the surface of what this city has to offer.

I have seen and experience many a"Pub Crawl".  With each year, it take much less alcohol to feel off in the morning.  So, if i can substitute some of the drink with good food, then mornings will be better.

So, a few times a month we will try a few dishes, pair with a good drink.

That's it!

Who are we

We have been married over 20 year.  Kids are starting to head off to college.   We are reconnecting through food and drink.  You can see that this may lead to gaining quite a bit of weight.  Better add some exercise into the mix....



Jason and Hollie


Jason and Hollie